Sleepeeer Hit! - 重版出来!
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Kokoro Kurosawa (Haru Kuroki) used to be a contender for the Olympic Judo Team, but she now begins work at weekly manga magazine "Baibusu." She learns about editing from senior editor Kei Iokibe (Joe Odagiri). She becomes fascinated with the edition world including talking with manga writers, discovering new manga writers and efforts to reprint manga books.

The publishing industry is going through a turbulent time due to ebooks. Members of the editorial department struggle to come up with ways to sell more manga books.

在出版業的低迷時期,黑澤心加入漫畫週刊當新人編輯。怎料,週刊的人氣漫畫家被敵對雜誌挖角而面臨危機! 黑澤和編輯部的各人誓要闖過難關,向銷量第一位進發。

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