The Shell Game - 千王之王
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Set in 1930s Guangdong, when the gambling industry was in full bloom. One of the greatest gamblers in all of Southern China is Law Sei Hoi, who is dubbed as "Divine Eyes of the South" due to his keen eyesight, which he has used to win a great number of games. In addition to his recognition as a highly-skilled gambler, Law Sei Hoi is the owner of a number of casinos in Guangzhou. Tam Sing, an orphan, wanting to be a gambler himself, pursues Law Sei Hoi, asking him to accept him as a disciple. A blossoming romance begins to emerge between his teacher, LawSei Hoi and his older sister, Tam Siu Tong, who is a well-known Cantonese opera singer. Hung Biu, the rival of Lo Sei Hoi and a gamblingtycoon from Guangxi, however, plans to take over the Guangzhou gamblingindustry.

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